Whipdress is a forward-thinking online fashion brand with a mission to provide top fashion trends at the most affordable prices. Created by two fashion-obsessed women who believe in empowering femininity with a classic, yet modern and sexy look.

Whipdress offers only the best quality products which were carefully selected from unique and independent fashion designers worldwide. We believe to empower our designers, as well as our customers by providing an exclusive range of products to a fashionable yet elegant ladies’ community.

Whipdress represents an excellent, sleek designs made with timeless cuts. Focusing on quality rather than constantly cashing trends, our products are made for women who values only the best quality materials, timeless styles, environmentally conscious designs and exclusive one of a kind fashion pieces.

Our online fashion brand works with independent European designers, which means that we guarantee a fair and transparent supply chain with locally made products. Our carefully selected designers are creating unique clothes that will last and be worn season after season.

“WhipDress is all about living a fabulous life with grace and style. “

Company registration:
WHIPD LIMITED (WhipDress) registration number: 09345616